Что это? ,What? | Image trainer


“Image-trainer” - machine is an effective device for transformation of yourself into a successful and happy person. It is based on use of portrait similarity of people.

Always it is possible to find people externally similar among themselves and if to observe, obviously to see their similarity of behavior. These coincidences aren`t casual. And we suggest to use  to use. Similar people, let`s call them”star twins”, actually are very close. They have one energetic matrix which gives this external portrait similarity of characters, habits and even biographies.



On the main page we give examples of it. In each couple of pictures “star twins” are shown, and each of them is a successful person. It is difficult not to notice similarities of their appearance, mimicry and clothes. Also it is impossible to deny that some of them used imitation of the idol. We offer you to do the same  in a very convenient and easy form on the “image exercise machine”. In it we collected photos, interview, movies, articles about every successful person.

  We created a double screen for convenience of work with photos and video records. We gave an opportunity to fix successful coincidence in the form of photos and collages, to use them for a control of an image, fixing changes and tracing  dynamics of image transformation.

    Your task is to find in a photo gallery a person externally similar to you the “star twin’ and to use it as a reference point in work on appearance and behavior.

And gradually, cleaning inaccuracies and errors of demonstration of yourself (mimicry, gestures, clothes, accessories) to move to the perfection. And  it, believe, will bring both happiness and success.

“Star symbols” stand a separate column.

  “Star symbol” is a person  whose appearance and behavior show qualities of a certain symbol . The symbol is a superaesthetics  category therefore a person the symbol carrying in  is the most successful, possesses superopportunities and renders superinfluence on people around. On the main page we decipher  the sense which is born to us by “star symbols” and we show the evidential moments of similarity.

          “The image exercise machine”  gives a chance to use any deciphered symbol to everyone who has a desire to become an incarnate symbol.

  During the work with a symbol its portrait similarity isn`t  required. Only the exact observation of external demonstration of an image (mimicry, gestures, clothes, accessories) is important.




    Your task is to find in the photo gallery a symbol which qualities you want to possess and use it as a reference point in work on appearance and behavior. Using the double screen try to imitate it: do mimic movements, put on clothes of the same stylistic direction, do a similar hair style and make up. For increasing of effectiveness of performance use collages.




Gradually qualities of a symbol will start being shown in you, will gain strength and finally a symbol will be shown completely, and together with it there will be a superinfluence and superopportunities.