Для чего нужен имидж-тренажер? Why is the “image-trainer” necessary? | Image trainer

Why is the image-trainer necessary?

The term "Superstar" is familiar to all of us! It supposes wide fame and  heightened popularity. We see light of talent, shine of glory, wealth. It seems that this person is not an ordinary mortal, and is provided with some exclusive merits. Even all attributes of glory are habitual, ordinary for him/her.  What is the secret of starriness? It is in charisma peculiar to "stars" – in abilities to attract attention to them and to render effective impact on people, in a special manner to introduce themselves, to dress and to live. Let's clear one more secret - charisma  is the destiny not only of the elect! Everyone who wants, will be able to develop it in himself/herself, having used our original working out – the image trainer:


 1 . Find a person similar to you from the list of stars. Let's call him/her - a "star twin". What is he/she  ( your " star twin")? This is a person having   the same power mold (matrix) with you, which  is shown in very strong portrait likeness, similarity of characters, habits and even biographies at a physical level This person has less distortions physically and it is easier for energy to pass through him/her. And it is his/her only difference with you. 


  2 .Your "star twin" should be used as an example for specifying of shape, style, surroundings.  It is a starting point of success!   The image trainer gives you a chance to incline you  for an image and its complete adaptation; - the self-rating increases; - shortcomings turn into advantages (after all they are not shortcomings, but the features inherented in your matrix);    -  the direction of the choice of your hair style,  make-up, style,  interior is clear;     - access to  free energy and successful lifeline is opened. Gradually  successful combinations of circumstances arrive ( necessary thoughts come,  necessary people are met,  necessary events happen)!    Tracing and copying everything "the star twin" has, and  you don`t - you do not become his caricature or the copy (you and he/she are two copies of one matrix - twins), you correct errors of presenting of yourself.   You change sceneries - and immediately  the scenario and characters are changed with them , the direction and nature of thoughts changes. As a result   everything  corresponding to the substance of the image starts prevailing in your life. How does it happen? Don`t waste time for clearing up...  It occurs, and it is the main thing, and there is nothing for it but to be happy to have an opportunity  for using it!   


 3. In the course of work you will feel that you are strong and you don`t need advisers any more! It is a sighn  that you have adapted a successful image! From that moment  you are able to develop the image independently. Do not doubt, your image will be individual! But you will already rank among these "stars"!     The aim of the "image trainer"  is not in  putting on the next mask, but in putting off, finally all the masks consciously and in displaying your harmonious nature and  potential having received at your birth!