Гейша, как пример адаптации символа. Geisha, as an example of adaptation of a symbol. | Image trainer

Geisha, as an example of adaptation of a symbol.

Geisha carries a symbol of aristocratic, refined and perfect beauty. Flower girls were created to charm a look and to please hearts. They are heavenly creations, they are too beautiful to be common people. Their grace and intellect are worthy of goddesses, their bright clothes look as if they are made of fantastic fabrics, and their power to charm mind and soul of men is really boundless.


This characteristic concerns  all geishas without exception! And all of them have identical characteristic features:


- in appearance

Geishas’ make-up is peculiar, symbolizing purity, geisha’s face is covered with snow-white paste on which brightly outlined mouth looks much brighter. Geisha’s coiffure implies a high chignon which forces geishas to sleep, leaning necks on wooden rollers. It forms a graceful carriage as a result geisha has a beautiful neck and the top part of the back. It is very important for Japanese; 



- in behavior

 Geishas’ gait is graceful and light. This girl is a standard of femininity and grace. She treads lightly in her wooden sandals, gracefully carries her high coiffure and very clearly reminds a doll for pleasure of her master. This woman is able to amuse, to sparkle with wit, to create happy surroundings, at the same time she is sexual and sensual;


 - in a plot

geisha receives a client in a tea lodge where a smart and refined situation reigns It remains invariable for more than three centuries. She is a charming keeper of ancient traditions, a graceful muse and the wise adviser skillfully conducting conversations, entertaining guests with dances and singing. She is widely erudite and is able to listen. During  business dinner geisha doesn't eat, but drinks and fills glasses of men.


And all of them cause identical emotions:" It doesn't depend on situation in society, the man next to geisha turns into a child who hungers her favour and who, by the way, may not achieve it". All geishas have one face, have one and the same clothes, manners and they cause the same feeling! But all geishas are different people with absolutely different appearance. But who is interested in it? No! Identity here doesn't play any role, the main things are emotions and feelings  which  geisha engenders in people! They are the same because the shown symbol is one and the same. If you want to cause these emotions and feelings, you have to demonstrate the symbol in details precisely. They study it for many years. Their lessons last for 12 hours a day. Geishas have their day off once in two weeks. But their hard work isn't in vain. Each of them becomes this symbol! Every geisha is an example of how it is possible to make of yourself an incarnate symbol! Namely - to know the allocated characteristics of a symbol (coiffure,  make-up, clothes, accessories, the environment, the plot) and to keep to them accurately.


By such principle it is possible to work with any symbol.

It is necessary to know the picked-out qualities of appearance, behaviour, of the plot of the symbol you wish to become.

 And this invaluable material is given us by "star symbols". They mark out these qualities, showing themselves. It is very easy to see them and to use them. Also it isn't necessary to hesitate in reflections or to challenge correctness of demonstration of a symbol "star". After all nobody dares to dispute upon geishas` appearance , or to try to change something in them. It is necessary just to thank "the star symbol" and to use those invaluable opportunities which it gives us!