Инструкция | Image trainer


1 . Having used the double screen find in a photo gallery a person externally similar to you  - your ‘star twin’.  You’ve got  not only portrait similarity, but also similarity of characters, habits and even biographies with him/her. That person is more successful only because he/she shows himself/herself  more correctly externally. Try on his/her successful experience.


 2 . By means of the double screen and the provided photo and video content copy a hair style, a make-up, mimicry, gestures, plasticity, a voice timbre, poetics of speech and mood of the"star". Achieve detailed similarity. Use clothes and "star" accessories as a basis of stylistic decisions. Pay attention to habitat and an environment. Absorb charisma of an image, appropriate it to yourself. You become more successful.


3 . Fix successful coincidences with the help of the camera. Choose and keep the best collages and double photos as it is necessary for tracing of dynamics of the image transformation. Periodically look through the photos and collages, so you will in addition be adjusted for the image, quicker and easier  you will adapt it.


 4 . On your own make a collage of your dream. Find  a symbol on the screen which qualities you want to possess and draw it in the collage center. So you receive an impulse to development of these qualities. Find  pictures on the screen reflecting your dream. Draw them on the collage. Keep the collage and look it through from time to time. It is necessary to receive an impulse to execution for your dream  It is possible to dream of the fine future, but you can model it and to receive.


5 . Again and again come back to work to image exercise machine. Gradually cleaning inaccuracies and errors of the demostration of  yourself, move to the perfection. And , believe, it will bring both happiness and success.