Как найти своего звездного близнеца? How to find | Image trainer

How to find "the star twin"?


If you are interested by this question it is excellent!

A successful "star twin" is necessary for you as a reference-point to become successful and happy!

 It is possible to find it in two ways:

 - by means of a photo gallery of image trainer; using the double screen it is very easy to find in it a person similar to you outwardly;

 - or to address to us using the “Help” button.


 When "the star twin" will be found, he should be used as a model for specification of shape, style and environment. It is a starting point of success!

The image trainer gives a chance of tuning for the chosen image and its complete adaptation: - the self-rating increases;

- shortcomings turn into advantages (they are not shortcomings, but the features inherent in your matrix);

 - the direction of the choice of a hair style, make-up, style, interior is clear;

 - the access to free energy and successful lifeline opens. Successful combinations of circumstances take place constantly (the necessary thoughts come, the necessary people are met,

 necessary events occur)!

 Tracing and copying everything "the star twin" has, and you don`t - you do not become his caricature or the copy ( he and you are two copies of one matrix - twins), but you correct errors of giving yourself.

You change the scenery – and immediately the scenario and characters are tuned in it, the direction and nature of thoughts changes. As a result of it everything  corresponding to the maintenance of the image starts prevailing in your life.

Everyone can make a perfection of himself! It is worth wanting!

And a successful " star twin" will help you in it!