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The right to choose.

 The question of one of our users made us write this article:

"How can it be? You decipher negative symbols and as a result you open an opportunity for many people to use them".


Yes, the symbol becomes open for adaptation. But it is absolutely safe.

We want to remind you that the symbol possesses superopportunities and renders superinfluence on people around, some certain characteristic features are inherent in it and it exists in a definite plot.

 Having chosen a symbol for themselves  people carry out their right to a choice!

 And if someone in an image-trainer chooses a negative symbol, he (she) will make it more consciously, having received from us the characteristic of a symbol and its plot. After all having chosen a symbol - the person gets into a certain plot and is responsible for it. There are some certain rules of the game, requisite and environment in it. Both the plot, and its end are already known initially, it is impossible to change them. Having realized it, it is possible to change the requisite and environment, but here-... automatically the plot changes!


 - the choice on the example of  LUCIFER.

Lucifer took an exclusively honourable position in heavens. God spoke about him:" You are the perfection press, completeness of wisdom and a wreath  of beauty. You were in Eden, in the God`s garden; your clothes were decorated with all sorts of jewels. Ruby, topaz and diamond, chrysolite, onyx, sapphire, carbuncle, emerald and gold, everything skillfully seated in to your nests and strung on you, was prepared in the day of your creation. You were an anointed cherub to overshadow, and I put you on that; you were on the God's sacred mountain, walked among flame-colored stones. You were perfect in your ways from the date of your creation, until  lawlessness didn`t come in to your soul! " (Iyezeklil 28; 12-15).


 ...  Lucifer made his choice and his plot  was changed at once  - he was overthrown, and he was after all an Angel, and could remain it if he hadn`t thrown down a challenge to God and hadn`t declared his claim for a place equal to God...


Our descriptions of symbols and their plots are like a stone on a road fork in Russian fairy tales.




Everything is written in them:" If you go to the right - you will lose your horse, if you go on the left - you will lose your fame, if you go straight you will lose yourself and your horse". Every person makes his choice, which road to choose! But he already knows clearly what he chooses and how it can be finished.


We are for that there were less, and in an ideal - there were no absolutely thoughtless elections crippling life!


 Elections similar to it:


"Creating a fresco "The Last Supper" Leonardo da Vinci was looking for ideal models for a long time. Jesus had to embody Good, and Judas, having decided to betray him during the meal, - Evil.

Leonardo broke off his work many times, trying to find models. One day, listening to a church chorus, he saw a perfect image of Christ in one of young choristers and, having invited him to his workshop, made some sketches and drafts. Three years passed." The Last Supper" was almost completed, however Leonardo didn`t find a suitable model for Judas. The cardinal who was responsible for the painting of the cathedral, hurried the artist, demanding the fresco to be finished as soon as possible. And after long search the artist saw a person wallowing in the mud –who was young, but prematurely grown decrepit, dirty, drunk and torn off. There was no time for sketches and Leonardo ordered his assistants to deliver the man directly to the cathedral. With great difficulty he was dragged there and put on feet. The man didn't understand what was going on and where he was. And Leonardo da Vinci was painting a face of a person who had wallowed in sins on his canvas. When the work was over, the beggar who by that time had already recovered a little, came up to the canvas and exclaimed:

 "I have already seen this picture earlier! "

- "When? " - Leonardo was surprised.

 "Three years ago, it was before I lost everything. At that time when I sang in a choir, and my life was full of the dreams, some artist drew Christ from me... "


-"... and I could remain in the choir and carry the image of Christ to people!"



Working with symbols image-trainer gives an opportunity to use the unique right of a person – the right to choose!

 The right to choose with what to identify yourself and what to be!

 (The unique right of every person  - to identify yourself with Angel or Lucifer.) After all you get the energy of  the man with whom you identify yourself.