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All of the symbols.

- We meet symbols in all spheres of our life, policy, literature, psychology, economy, art, etc.
- Many methods of interaction with energies of time and space rely on efficiently developed ways of use of symbols, i.e. symbols are magic and they are capable to influence on reality.
- Symbols influence on our consciousness and subconsciousness  through collective unconscious, through an information field of a person.
- The perception and comprehension of symbols is connected with our intelligence, emotions and spirit. They influence on all our aspects - spirit, soul and a body. 


- Who understands the language of symbols, he understands the language of subconscious. The comprehension of symbols simplifies our communication with  reality around us. 


- Except influence on a person, symbols are capable to transfer energy of particular quality. 


- Every symbol has energy of a particular kind and quality. Visually the energy is recorded in a form of a hologram.
 - Imagine it to in such a way (the hologram of a symbol “the Lion”:
the symbol is shown through a specific animal) -  
-And the specific person (Brad Pete). 
 It is expressed in a big part of similarity of appearance, behavior and a plot. 
Certainly, any animal always remains an animal,  and a person remains a person, but similarity of their appearance and behavior will be obvious as the energy of the symbol leaves its imprint! 
- A personal symbol of a person is his space passport which indicates his way of life and development. 
- When we focus our intention on a symbol, it is activated, and a universal biotic energy of some corresponding vibration starts flowing. The more often we use and practise our skill, the stronger becomes our communication channel with  subconscious and with our intuition. 
- Spiritual symbols are saturated with the energy of high quality and are accessible to everyone.
 Turned up moustache of the Spanish artist - surrealist Salvador Dalí was an integral part of his extraordinary personality. "Waking up, every morning I feel unbelievable pleasure that Salvador Dalí is", the artist who was a symbol of “the Capricorn beetle” uttered one day. 
And believe me every person being an incarnate symbol has such a feeling. As he is "the sun" not only for every person around, but for himself too... ! !
 In people - symbols there is such feeling of self-sufficiency and completeness which can cause only a perception of unlimited happiness of existence!
 Everyone can make of himself an incarnate symbol! It is worth wanting!