Звездные близнецы,Star twins | Image trainer

Star twins

"Star twins" are  people having strong portrait likeness, similarity of characters, habits and... even biographies. This coincidence isn't casual.

Through "star twins" a plan having energy of one aspect and quality is shown. The energy is recorded in the form of the hologram.



The hologram represents a three-dimensional picture taken by means of the laser. As they have the same energy, and so the hologram will be identical. Here amazing similarity of appearance and behavior of some people, apparently, not being relatives  is explained by it. The  hologram of intention is perfect. If a person externally completely corresponds to the hologram - he is perfection. The hologram merges with him, and the energy of intention finds the way out. Here the success of those rare lucky is based on it - successful people. The brain of each person is capable (as the laser) to read out holograms, and everything that is close to them – it unmistakably distinguish them as harmony. And the enormous energy of a harmonious person will be felt too by everyone. Therefore those lucky are chosen by many. And if they call such lucky "a star", it will be difficult to disagree with it. And if each of us in accuracy corresponded to the hologram, the world would consist only of perfect people. But as we have never seen these three-dimensional photos, and even we know nothing about them,  we can’t imagine the way we have to look like. That is why we all look  - "each does what he can"  by the experiments with our appearance  we add and add to ourselves such distortions which  take us away  to the opposite side from our perfect hologram. And the only thing we should do is to correct under it our appearance. But where could we  see our hologram? We advise to see the hologram through your successful "the star twin". Why through it? There is a criterion - success! The more a person is  successful, the more he corresponds to his hologram. The more correct the demonstration of yourself  is the more energy of success you`ve got; and the quantity of this energy is boundless...!!! !



Let's accept it as an axiom - "As your " star twin" looks so your hologram (or at least the  direction of movementto it) looks... all the differences you find are your distortions, your ill success. But  it is can be corrected by means of "communication" with your "star twin". How to work with the chosen image: to watch movies, to listen to interview, to read books – everything in succession, biographies, letters, to look through  photos. In such a way he imperceptibly will enter into your life. Try to imitate him, walk as he does, do the same mimic movements. Also putting on clothes, doing a hair style  and a make-up of  the"twin", you do the image approached to the hologram. And gradually, cleaning inaccuracies and errors of the demonstration of  yourself, to move to the perfection! And it, believe, will bring both happiness and success! Exactly for this purpose we have created  the"image exercise machine". In it we have collected photos, interview, movies, articles about each successful person. We have created the double screen for convenience of work with  photo and video records. We have given an opportunity to fix successful coincidence in the form of photos and collages and  to use them  to incline youself in the image , fixing  changes and tracing dynamics of image transformation. To be happy it is necessary to have a dream and energy for its realization. Through equalization of the hologram alignment with the " star twin" we receive the energy for implementation of the dream... Everyone can make of himself/herself perfection! It is worth wanting! And your "star twin" will help you in it/