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Star symbols


Now we will address to symbols.

Here we`ll speak about supersuccess, superopportunities and superattention. A lot of things are written about Symbols. They attract, they are interesting, they are used (strengthen themselves with  symbolics). And we will speak about transformation of a symbol`s energy through ourselves. We don`t mean to pin a brooch, to sew a stripe or to hang up a cross, but to become a symbol yourself.

If you read a lot about symbols - you will not find any explanation to this phenomenon, only - the description of force of its influence!

 Symbols (definition from the dictionary) are postponed in consciousness images of things, of phenomena, of human relations, of public institutes which get metaphysical sense, that is the sense which is beyond physical existence of those objects from which the symbol was allocated. Symbols are equipment of our mind like communicative language, possession of number, ability to logical thinking.  Symbols form the whole world, they cooperate among themselves with the help of our consciousness and imagination. We live in this world spiritually, we communicate with symbols continuously and under their influence we organize our life. Symbols are superaesthetic category. Therefore we marked out symbols with a separate column in the “image trainer”. In it we let out secrets of success of many well-known people - "stars", and we called these people - "star symbols"!" Star symbol" is a  person, whose appearance and  behavior show qualities of a particular symbol. People carrying a symbol in themselves, possess superopportunities and render superinfluence on people around. In "the image trainer" we decipher the sense which "star symbols" bring us. Knowledge of the sense of a symbol gives  a chance to use any deciphered symbol to everyone who has a desire to receive its superopportunities and superinfluence! After all during the work with a symbol - portrait similarity  is not required! The form can be changed, keeping particular obligatory lines of external demonstration of an image. Materials for work with "image trainer" were prepared taking into account a symbol sign - it can be reproduced. The symbol in them is rather simple, and any person can reproduce it in the most general view. It is easily and freely copied, thus keeping its sense. Why such work of changing yourself  in this direction is possible? Because in the holographic universe there are no borders of opportunities for changing of substance of reality. In the course of studying of "star symbols" we saw that there are "star symbols" who are born symbols, and there are artificially created. There is only one effect 100% of success. Hence the work of any person with a symbol is doomed to success.

It is possible to demonstrate it on the example of a symbol “the Bat”. 



 Benisimo del Toro was born this symbol, and a good fellow, he changed nothing in himself to please the fashion the environment. It is very purely shown in appearance and behavior. And Jack Nichols made artificially this symbol of himself, arranging the mimicry, gestures,  behavior

according to it, 



carefully selecting clothes... and these permanent dark glasses (after all the bat does not bear the sunlight). It is easy for people who are born symbols. It lives in them therefore they are exact in a behavior and clothes choice. It is more difficult for those who creates it artificially. They need more monitoring over a situation, continuous tracking of the actions and appearance. And it is the aerobatics when the person is 100% born symbol  and  if he traces his actions with huge care. A bright example - Louis 14 -King  the Sun (the highest nickname given to the king by people). His contemporaries wrote about it:" The secret of the king was in the following - he was the king and at the same time he "played the king" watching himself and acting in cold blood, considering each word and each gesture! " It increased his superforce. A lot of kings are forgotten, and he is still spoken about as  an example of the real king.


 I am not sure that all people using the energy of a particular symbol  know exactly where the source of their force is from. Therefore it will be useful for them to learn their symbol as well as for us. It is necessary to know the symbol which gives you strength as its force works only in a particular plot, and you have to orientate in it accurately. It is necessary to know the plot and the role of the symbol in it because your actions will be formed according to the plot. 




For example - Hitler used a symbol “ the rat”. Using superinfluence of the symbol  he, according to the plot, extended hordes of rats over the world. Rats are highly intellectual animals and his henchmen considered themselves rats. In Hitler's biography you can find a lot of  confirmations and examples that he was an incarnate symbol  “ the rat”. But here we speak about an example of accuracy of the plot. Hitler died in the underground bunker (he poisoned himself)! – any  rat could die in such a way. If you completely accept the symbol, the  plot in which it exists and the part assigned to it, you can start working with the symbol adaptation. Why do we focus your attention on it? You can accept the image very much, like the  effect which its use gives, but some moments can be big surprise for you.

For example Phillip Kirkorov actively used the image "Peter 1"  for some time. 



But he hardly was ready to the actions dictated by the role - "muzzles to beat and beards to shave" (in his case - to correspondents) which led to a huge scandal. If you want to avoid such unexpected things, it is necessary to orientate yourself accurately in the role and the plot and to be ready to their development. All people are symbols of freedom  from dependences, and they are worthy to respect... Only in such condition they have impudence to let themselves not  to be similar to others... and they receive everything for this impudence and a self-confidence - supersuccess, superopportunities, superinfluence! ! ! 

Every guessed incarnate symbol is a find and  victory! We are very happy that we can do it! After all when the symbol is solved when its manifestations are clear, when hair style,  make-up, clothes,  mimicry, gestures are specified everyone has an opportunity to become an incarnate symbol and to find its boundless opportunities.